Guidance on downloading your bank statement

If you can access your bank account on your bank's web site, then you should be able to save statements in electronic format.

Step 1. Enter statement dates

Enter the start and finishe dates for the statement information you require. This would normally be the last 3 months if this is your first application.

Step 2. Save your bank statement to your computer

  1. Some banks allow you to save bank statement transactions as a pdf file. If your bank provides this service, then follow their instructions to save the pdf file onto you desktop.
  2. If your bank does not provide this facility, then you can save a copy of the transactions that are displayed on-screen as follows:
    1. Click on "File/Save Page As" or "File/Save Page", depending on your browser.
    2. Save in: Desktop
    3. Save as type: Web Page, HTML only

Step 3. Attach your bank statement to the application form

To attach your bank statement to the Application Form, click on a "Browse" button for Bank Statements in the Application Form, navigate to your Desktop, then select the bank statement file downloaded at Step 2 above.

You also need to send us:

  • Bank statements from three months ago to today
  • Copies of two forms of identification
  • Copies of two letters or bills addressed to you & posted to your current home address. These need to be from two different organisations & posted within the past three months.
  • NB: Signed Direct Debit Authority form originals must be posted/couriered to us or dropped into a local branch before we can issue the loan - the banks need to see original documents, not faxed or email copies! We can start the application process before recieving the direct debit forms, but not complete it. You can print off our direct debit forms here. We also email you a copy of our direct debit forms so you can print them off later.

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