How to Make Budgeting Fun

The word ‘budgeting’ doesn’t exactly get most people excited. Unfortunately, planning your finances is a necessary part of life, and avoiding it just isn’t an option. But budgeting doesn’t have to mean staring at boring spreadsheets or meticulously filing receipts; use our tips below to make creating and sticking to a budget more bearable – who knows, you might even enjoy it!

Set a Goal

Simply being aware that you need to save money doesn’t make it achievable. Rather than just cutting back in general to decrease spending, think about what you really want to save for. This could be a holiday, an expensive purchase or those home improvements you’ve wanted to do for years.

Make a list of the things you’d like to save for and prioritise them. Keep this list somewhere visible at home as a constant reminder of why you’re making the effort. For example, on the fridge. If you really want to challenge yourself, keep the list in your wallet and it might make you think twice before spending!

Reward Yourself

You’ve worked out the big goals you’re saving towards and this is the main focus of your budgeting. But saving over the course of months or even years can be draining when it’s constantly on your mind, and the final goal can seem far away. Make sure you keep motivation up by rewarding yourself along the way with smaller treats when you meet short term goals.

Say you’ve saved money by having a coffee at home every morning for a month, rather than spending those unnecessary dollars at a café every day. Reward yourself for your discipline with a visit to your favourite coffee spot, and that caffeine hit will taste even better knowing that you’ve earned it.

Use an App

Using good old fashioned pen and paper is a great first step in budgeting, but there are now a wide array of technological tools out there that can make your planning easier, more efficient and even enjoyable. Find a programme for your computer or an app for your phone that works for you, and use it to monitor your spending and saving on a daily basis. Having your financial information to hand at all times will be great motivation to keep working towards your savings goals.

Do it Together

Working with someone else means being there to push each other onwards when times are tough, and having someone to celebrate successes with. Find a friend, relative or colleague who wants to achieve similar savings and team up to tackle your finances. You can share ways to cut costs, learn budgeting tips from each other and even make a savings contest if you have a competitive streak!

The word ‘budgeting’ doesn’t exactly get most people excited. Unfortunately, planning your finances is a necessary part of life, and avoiding it just isn’t an option.

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