How it works

Either apply for your fast cash loan online or visit one of our branches, today!

Choose the amount

Our fast cash loans are flexible - choose the amount of cash you want and the repayments to suit.

Fast application

It's easy! You just need to have a regular income (e.g. a job, WINZ, ACC, pension, etc), suitable ID, proof of address and recent bank statements.

Fast cash

Our approval process usually takes 2-3 hours.  If your loan is approved and the loan agreement & direct debit authorities have been signed, then, if you applied online your loan proceeds will be credited into your bank account shortly after *.  Alternatively if you applied at one of our branches, you will receive your cash immediately in the branch.

* Some banks and credit unions process their electronic deposits overnight.  If this applies to your bank and you need the money today, then you should consider applying at one of our branches.  Call us for clarification if you are unsure (0800 CHEQUERS or 0800 243 783).

Easy repayments

You choose the number and frequency of payments to suit your needs (all loans must be repaid within six weeks).

Important Information

First time customer?

To be eligible for a loan you need to be a NZ citizen or resident, aged over 18, have a regular income, suitable ID, proof of address, and good bank account conduct.  We should be able to contact you via cell phone, and online applicants must also have a working email address.

How our repayments work

Once you decide on the amount of cash you require, you pay off your loan in equal installments (up to 6 weeks).

Understand your obligations

Be sure to read and understand the contract. Ask questions if you do not understand anything.  If you should suffer financial hardship while you have a loan with us, please call immediately and let us know.  We will then work with you to sort out an affordable repayment plan.

Do you meet the criteria?

  • Are you a NZ Resident?
  • Do you have suitable ID (driving licence, passport, etc)?
  • Are you over 18 years old?
  • Can you prove where you live?
  • Do you have a regular income?
  • Do you have an active bank account and good account conduct?
  • Have a device with internet connection (online applications only)?
  • An active email address (online applications only)?

If you can say "Yes" to the above, then there is a good chance we will be able to help you.