Need Cash Quick? That’s What Fast Loans Are For

When the unexpected happens and catches you off guard, you need a hand paying for it. Whether you need to pay urgent medical expenses, travel somewhere immediately, help someone in need or cover critical repairs to your house or car, if you don’t have the money at that time, a fast loan could be the answer. 

Chequers Finance is here for you. We offer fast loans to New Zealand borrowers when you need cash in a hurry. 

Fast Loans, Fast Response

It only takes a few minutes to apply for fast loans with Chequers Finance. We’ll have a response for you in as little as 2 to 3 hours, and we can have cash in your bank account either the same day or overnight.

*Same day bank transfers incur a small additional fee. Original signed direct debit forms must be received by us before money can be deposited into your bank account.

Fast Approvals

Fast loans, otherwise known as payday loans, are a great option for a quick cash advance for those who can pay them back on time. You can be approved within a few hours and spending the much needed cash within the same day. These are the perfect option for those who have been inconveniently surprised by an unexpected bill, those who want to go on a short vacation or need to purchase something that’s vital. 

In addition, the process is typically hassle-free and repayments are completed within a number of weeks, so you won’t have the debt hanging over your head and digging into your already limited finances for months or even years to come. 

Stay Independent While Managing Finances

Fast loans can actually help save you money in the long run, despite the interest that comes with borrowing. By covering your bills quickly, you can avoid charges for things like bank overdrafts and credit card fees. By choosing Chequers Finance for your fast loans, you can enjoy independence even when you’re just starting out managing your own personal finances. You won’t have to make a phone call to mum and dad because taking out a fast loan is so easy, simple and quick to repay.

Want to apply for a fast loan? Fill out an application today and receive an answer within hours, or contact us today by calling or visiting your nearest local Chequers Finance office in Auckland or Hamilton.