Legal Stuff

We believe it is important that you fully understand the commitment you are making when you get a loan from us and the consequences for you if you are unable to comply with the terms of your contract.  Each time you get a loan from us, you will receive a standard contract document which will clearly state the amount you are borrowing, the payment dates and amounts you have agreed to make to repay the loan, and the fees and interest that will or could be charged to your loan. 

You can view the terms of our contract by clicking here.

This is a legally binding contract between you and us.  Once you sign it, you are obliged to abide by its terms.  We recommend that you read and understand this document fully before signing.  If there is any aspect of the contract that you do not understand, please ask one of our staff – they will be happy to explain.

The contract clearly states the payments that we expect you will make.  If you do not make the payments as stated in the contract, then your loan will cost you more.

If you get a loan and then wish you hadn’t, your contract does give you the right to cancel within the first five days after signing.  If you do this, you will still be required to repay the amount of money we have advanced to you, and you will also be required to compensate us for any reasonable costs we have incurred in advancing the money to you in the first place plus the costs of cancelling the loan.

Chequers Finance is a reputable company and seeks to comply fully with all relevant NZ legislation.  Our loans meet the requirements of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003.  We are a Financial Service Provider (FSP) as defined in Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008, and our registration number is FSP16601.  All FSPs are required to be a member of an approved dispute resolution scheme.  We are members of Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL).